Lemon Oil Has Many Benefitsl

Personally I use lemon oil a lot. I keep a spritzer bottle of lemon oil in the kitchen where I spray all vegitables and meats. I spray the counter tops and clean other parts of the home as well. The following is one of the more unique uses of this oil:

“My husband had just painted our front door frame, and I brushed up against it leaving the house. However, I didn’t realize the amount of white paint on the back of my black down vest until the office manager pointed it out. The paint had dried by then.

I remembered reading about lemon oil and decided to use it on my vest to remove the oil-based paint. Miraculously all the paint was removed. My husband and I were amazed! I am a firm believer in Essential Oils.”

Rosina — Nevada

“Once You Enter The World of Essential Oils, Your Health and Life Will Begin To Improve”

Steve Pohlit, Busiess Development Consultant


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