Myrrh: With December Approaching It Is A Perfect Time To Offer Information About Myrrh and Frankincense

It does not matter what your belief is, you know that gold, frankincense and myrrh were the three gifts brought for Jesus Christ. Two of those three gifts were essential oils. These were the first oils I wanted to know about when I discovered essential oils. After all, if they were gifts for the Christ Child I wanted to know why. This is the first of several posts about these two marvelous oils.


Myrrh is an essential oil that has been used for many skin conditions including chapped and cracked skin and wrinkles. It is widely used in oral hygiene products. It has one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes which help stimulate the limbic system of the brain (the center of emotions) as well as the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. Myrrh can be uplifting. It is anti- infectious, antiviral and anti-inflamatory.

Myrrh may benefit many issues including: bronchitis, stretch marks, coughs, gingivitis, gum infections, mouth ulcers, sore throat, wrinkles and much more.

(Please read all the information on the proper use of essential oils and read all the normal disclaimers associated with information not evaluated by the FDA. All of this detail is part of your experience of enter The World of Essential Oils

Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant who Got Oiled 10 years ago and has been Oiled ever since.

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