A Testimonial About Rosacea:

I have suffered from a skin disease called Rosacea
for about 10 years, My dermatologist has had me on a topical
steroid and 3 dilferent antibiotics over that time period. They have
no “cure” for it and they don’t know exactly what causes it, but
they think it might be connected to hormones. Anyway, I have tried
many of the oils in hopes that I could find something that would
help it, but to no avail. I even spent the money and contacted Dr.
DeMarco in Canada and we agreed that I was doing everything
possible with my diet and the oils.

Recently, Young Living came out with a new product called
Prenolone, product code #3731. 1 thought I would give it a try,
because I had read so many positive things about it. As soon as
I received it, I put it on my face, it’s a cream, the next day my face
was clear. You have never seen my face when it is real bad, but let
me tell you, this is a GOD SENT!! I have been using it every day
since, and my face looks better than I can ever remember R being
with out taking some kind of drug. It is actually softer and
smoother than ever. My husband was even excited about it
because he knows how I have struggled with this.

Other things I experienced after applying the Prenolone, was a
calming effect and a clearer mental state. I just had to share
this with you, as I am NO longer timid about telling anyone
about these products! Prenolone has changed my life.”

Hope that helps,

Young Living Independent Distributor #677474
Health…The Natural Way

Ann Maxted RRT-NPS
Health & Wellness Consultant Essential Oils of

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