Lavender Is a Great Antihistamine!

(Please be aware that some of the articles on this blog refer to using essential oils internally. There is only one company whose oils I would trust for internal use and that company is Young Living)

Last spring, as every spring, I got bad polen allergy. I usually take any kind of antihistamine over-the-counter/prescription meds to stop the symptoms, but I decided to use lavender for a change. I filled 1/2 of 00 capsul with lavender and the rest with V6 and ingested it. Before that I had a very bad sinus, runny nose, and sneezing. 5 minutes after taking lavender capsul, I had no sinus, runny nose or sneezing. I didn’t even have to take any more meds or lavender capsuls. Just one did it!!! Lavender is a great antihistamine!!! :)

Akiko Brownstein,YL Distributor # 860882,

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  1. Just as an Update…Young Living is not the high standard it once was. Many of the leading members departed when business policies changed to increase profits. If you want a really pure oil…try doTerra, the company formed by those very ethical leaders.

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