Essential Oils and Essential Oil Products for Diabetes

Testimonials of people using essential oils and essential oil product for managing diabetes. Other excellent sources of information include Diabetes Reports and Diabetes In Control

“I have adult onset diabetes and have been using
thieves topically over my liver area since July. In
August I had to go off my medication because of very
low sugars. I have maintqined an averaqe of 85 to 90
s9nce then with just the Thieves. I Had surgery last
week and the hospital insisted that I go off all
supplements until after the surgery, including the
thieves. However I was very careful about my carb
intake and maintained a 106/107 average during this
time {3 days}. I would recommend that if one is on
medication that they talk with their doctor as
diabetes is a very bad condition if it is out of
control. Hope this is helpful.”

” I am not sure there is anything really easy about working on
diabetes, but here is what I would begin with:

First, and foremost, it begins with a cleanse. There is real easy
to understand information regarding diabetes and the best cleanses
in the new book by Dr. LeAnne Deardoff (SP?) and it is available
through Essential Science Publishing. I just finished reading it
myself, and it is excellent. She also addresses weight loss being
jump-started by the proper cleansing.

Some must products:

Coriander, Fennel and Dill will help to lower blood sugar without
drugs. This can be used even topically and get good results,
although I would guess in capsule form would be more dramatic.

Cypress is important to use for circulation as many people with
Diabetes have circulation problems in their extremities. Add
Cinnamon (diluted) and it is a real good combination for
circulation. If he ever has any ulcers that won’t heal, the Animal
Scents cream is great for healing those.

Ninxia Red is excellent for diabetics. It lowers blood sugar, is
low glycemic, gives important nutrients and so much more.

VitaGreen – for more vitality, energy, etc.

Omega Blue – diabetics really need the Omega 3’s, so this is an
excellent product as well.

Essentialzyme or Carbozyme – (need to take enzymes) for proper
assimilation of the nutrients and to assist the body in the best
break down of food.

Chromium and Magnesium are also very important supplements for
diabetics to balance blood sugar and prevent large swings.

Avoid any foods that contain MSG. Limit processed sugars, diet
foods containing aspartame, equal, etc. Trade that for Stevia or
Agave. Avoid carbonated beverages and any alcohol. Process foods
of any kind are to be minimized.”

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Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant who Got Oiled 10 years ago and has been Oiled ever since.

One thought on “Essential Oils and Essential Oil Products for Diabetes”

  1. Great advice in general, but I must disagree with your assertion that diabetics abstain from alcohol. A major study recently proved that moderate alcohol consumption normalized insulin activity in diabetics by improving insulin resistence. Before cutting out alcohol (or continuing to drink), a diabetic patient should talk to their doctor.

    Here is the reference for the study: Avogaro, A., et al. Acute alcohol consumption improves insulin action without affecting insulin secretion in type 2 diabetic subjects. Diabetes Care, 2004 (June 6), 27(6), 1369-1374. For a summary of the study, here is a website:

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