The Essence of Essential Oils When It Is Time

(All of us will experience a time when our mission here is finished. The following is written by a mother.)

The first thing we did was diffuse purification to cleanse the house.Then we used Peace and Calming along with white candles. It was very soothing and peaceful in our home this week.

Yesterday we went to dress our boy in white at the funeral home. It was such a sweet experience. I took Frankincense, Myrrh, Spikenard and Hyssop and anointed his body before we dressed him. The smell of the oils gave everyone who entered the room a profound feeling of peace. It was beautiful. It turned what could have been a traumatic and sad
experience into a beautiful and sweet experience.

Today at the viewing I diffused trauma life. I knew that it might be hard for my children to see his body, as well as for other people who loved him. Diffusing Trauma Life in the room was perfect as it also gave my children a profound peace. I am so grateful for the oils which
assisted us so much this week. What a blessing they are in our lives!

As I removed the diffuser after the funeral, someone looked at the diffuser and asked “What is that?” I told them it was a diffuser and I was diffusing Trauma Life and essential oil blend. She looked at me, I laughed and said, “This is who I am and this is what I do!”

Love Dr. LeAnne

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