Sore Throat

Here is the question:

I’ve got a sore throat but only on one side and the pain goes up
towards my ear just a little. This is over a week now. I’ve been doing
oregano, thieves and frankincense. I’ve also used myrrh once. I’ve
taken the formula in a capsule and I’ve gargled with thieves in water.
It’s not going away. Any suggestions?

And a couple of the responses:

I’d try rosemary down the eustation tube area, behind the ear down
along the jawline. Just rub it all over your head! *grin* Rosemary is my
new favorite, it’s helped when other things didn’t with sinus, breathing,

Also, I put either 3 drops of hyssop or thieves (or both!) in a french
press of tea. The thieves tastes better but either is very soothing to a
sore throat.


I’d add a good old fashioned salt water gargle to the
mix, a few times a day. I also see you putting oils on
your neck, and wrapping it in a hot compress, sitting
in the comfiest chair you have, covering with a soft
cozy blanket, putting your feet up, laying your head
back and visualizing ….

I’ve had some lumps in my throat lately, as well. I had gone to the ER once, and they said I had pharyngitis. (inflammation of the pharynx)…well anyway, I was on Pennicillin, and when the ‘lump’ came back, I did NOT want to use the Penn. again. So, I took what oils I had left of my essential 7 from my dist. kit, Purification and Frankincense. I had a little of each left.

I took a cotton ball and dabbed Purification 2 drops on it, then swiped the ‘vents’ of my Cool-Air Humidifier and carefully stuck the cotton ball in the vent (not getting caught in the fan) and left the humidifier on all night. I did this procedure about 15 min. before going to bed and closed my bedroom door. When I went in to go to bed, my room was filled with Purification and it wasn’t so dry b/c of the humidifier. 2 for 1!

I also took Frankincense (actually mixed it with some olive oil) and added it to a cup of hot tea. I could tell after 1 cup my throat was feeling better, but I was desperate for immediate response. I made another cup of tea and added more Frankincense mixture (about 1-2 teaspoons!) and drank the second cup. I will not kid you, I was feeling better after that second cup! I slowly sipped both and made sure they were both almost piping hot.

I’ve also taken pure thieves and put 1-2 drops on a tablespoon of honey and ate it that way. I did this 3 times a day and the following morning, no lump in my throat!

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  1. I LOVE this story. These are the moments that will be teersuard forever in our hearts as mothers. Motherhood is so challenging but the rewards are like none other! I remember reading this last year and it still touches my heart. For one, because how precious our little kids are. Secondly, my love for Christ. It is just so overwhelming. Oh, how great is our God! His gifts amaze me. Thank you for sharing this sweet story I really enjoy reading your blog.

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