Essential Oils For Knee and Joint Relief

Some 35 years ago I severely twisted my
knee in an accident. It hurt for ten years. I didn’t think it would ever
heal, but it did. Then I passed the age of 60. About four years ago the
knee started developing osteoarthritis. It gradually got worse and worse.
It hurt with every step and ached at night. I was using hot packs and cold
packs and pillows under the leg and whatever just to get some sleep during
the night. I developed a limp. I could walk with pain, but I could not run
or jump at all without the knee swelling up and getting really painful. A
physician told me that only a knee replacement could correct the problem. I
said no thanks. There has to be a better way.

Although I had been using oils for about a year and a half, for some reason
it had not occurred to me that they might be the answer. Some of us, like
myself, are slow to realize the power we have in these oils and suffer for
some time before we realize we have the cure in our hands. In January of
2001 the light went on in my brain and I decided to try the oils.

I took Cypress, Wintergreen and PanAway, two or three drops of each and
mixed them in the palm of my hand. I anointed my knee and did VitaFlex all
over my knee joint for a minute or two. I did this morning and evening. In
two months my knee was healed. That was over a year ago. I can now run and
jump and walk and bend my knee without pain. It is healed.

I have not needed to use any oils since except once in a while when I overdo
myself and put a strain on the knee. Then I do one or two applications of
the Cypress and Wintergreen and that’s it. That has happened only three or
four times in the last year. Other than that, no further therapy has been

In February of this year I was in Taiwan for a month where we walked 3-5
miles every day, climbing mountains, jumping off of rocks and walking the
streets and markets of the cities. I was able to run and hike and keep up
with everyone, virtually all of them were considerably younger than I am.
At one point, we almost missed our train and had to run for four blocks
carrying luggage to just barely get there. But my knee never got sore or
hurt in doing that. Two years ago I could not possibly have done that.

Whatever cartilage deterioration had taken place during the 1-2 years the
knee was hurting and causing me such difficulty seems to have been repaired.
Apparently the oils corrected what misinformation had been coded into the
DNA of the cells of my knee tissues so that the cells now regenerated as
normal and healthy. The healing is permanent.

David Stewart, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education

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