New: Foaming Hand Soap With The Essential Oil of Thieves

(New Announcement. I highly recommend Thieves. I clean everything with Thieves Cleaner, I use Thieves Spray and Wipes when I travel and you can bet I will be ordering this hand cleaner.)

Experience the purifying power of Thieves with our convenient, new foaming hand soap! Recently released as part of the new Thieves Autoship Pack, Thieves Foaming Hand Soap will now be available to purchase separately beginning May 1. Purchase it as a single item or at a 10% discount in a 3 pack!

Cleanse, defend, and condition your skin with a gentle, moisturizing blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils (Thieves, lemon, and orange), aloe, Ginkgo biloba, and vitamin E. Keep a bottle at every sink in the house so the whole family can benefit from the protective action of Thieves that lasts long after washing the hands. And don’t forget, our new Thieves Autoship Pack comes with two bottles of this amazing soap!

Ellen submitted the following tip to Young Living Essential Oils:

“I am thrilled to report that I love how Thieves Foaming Hand Soap works for me. I wear therapeutic copper bracelets, and when the weather turns warm, my wrists turn green. When I washed my hands with the hand soap and got some on my bracelets, I was so surprised at how well they were polished! So I put some more foam on my wrists and bracelets, and the green from my wrists was gone and my bracelets looked brand new! Hurray for Thieves Foaming Hand Soap!”

Is that totally terrific or what?

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(Please read all the information on the proper use of essential oils and read all the normal disclaimers associated with information not evaluated by the FDA. All of this detail is part of your experience in The World of Essential Oils

Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant who Got Oiled 10 years ago and has been Oiled ever since.

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