How Martha Stewart and Michael J. Fox Got Oiled With Essential Oils

(The following is a story about how a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils
helped introduce the oils to Donna Karan, Martha Stewart and Michael J. Fox
The reason this is important is because people with large followings are very influential.
As a reader of this blog you are already learning the power of these Essential Oils.)

So here is how it all happened!

Donna Karan has been in my downline for about 8 years or so. My friend Ruth
is her bodyworker and right hand person. It took me about 4 years of showing,
sharing and giving Ruth bodywork sessions to inspire her enough to begin to
use Young Living Essential Oils on her clients. Donna Karan has sold them in her store in New
York before as well and even met with Gary Young many many years ago in Utah.

Ruth called me about 3 months ago to ask me if there was any way I could get
Gary Young to speak at her Urban Zen Symposium. I contacted Young Living and
it took some time but I stayed persistent because I knew this was important and
big for the future medicine on our planet and for Young Living.

Gary was not available at this time as he was in Europe teaching but Dr. Hill agreed to go.
I myself flew to New York to help with the oils and answer all the peoples questions and
help educate and of course support Dr. Hill and Young Living in anyway I could. Young Living
was VERY generous and donated a little box of oils to every participant that day which there was I think
about 250 mostly all nurses that day.

There was a panel of about maybe 10 doctors, health practitioners etc.. It was all centered on the care of nurses and
patients. It was an open forum for the nurses to ask questions and have the
panel answer. I got a call from Ruth that night looking for Dr. Hill as
Donna Karan was very moved and impressed with Dr. Hill mostly with his heart and
consciousness. Actually Donna spoke more about the oils than Dr. Hill well
from that many many important big connections were being made and she was wanting
to introduce Dr. Hill to some very very big time doctors and Health care
practitioners of all kinds. I too made some very important connections as well.
Dr. Hill spent 5 days at the symposium which was great for him to make these
connections. These connections will need to be nurtured in time. So then Martha
Stewart had asked Donna Karan what were the 3 biggest things that changed
your life and she replied….

right nutrition,
Yoga and
Young Living Oils!!!

So then a brilliant doctor/nutritionist, Rodney Yee (master yoga teacher)
and Dr. Hill were all asked to come on the show. I went
to the show to help and be supportive in any way I could. I went to the
rehearsal and it was a beautiful set and i saw the whole presentation that was
about 5 or more minutes with Dr. Hill but very unfortunately they ran behind
schedule with all the different guests. I was sitting in the green room just
biting my nails watching these commercial breaks and watching the clock tick away
and doing EVERYTHING to “bend time” and what was truly supposed to be 5 or 7
minutes was only about a minute. However it would not surprise me one bit if
Martha asked Dr. Hill to come back again. Dr. Hill said Martha was putting
oils all over heself between commercial breaks and just LOVES the oils!!
Especially if enough of us go to her website and write that request!! Lets do

Now another cool thing was that I was anointing everyone in the green
room right before they went on Lorraine Braco, Rodney Yee, the Indian female
doctor, Donna Karan and her partner for the symposium, Sonja. it of course shifted
everyone so much. i basically just put a drop of peppermint on their finger
for them to lick off to get that oxygen right to their brain as we know
peppermint increases oxygen in the brain by 28% just my inhaling it. So you can imagin
e a room full of people all feeling this and then within minutes going on
national TV!! I loved this part!!

Once again Young Living was VERY generous and donated that starter kit of the i think 10
oils to each and every audience member at the Martha Stewart show as well

I made a very amazing connection as well with this amazing Indian female
doctor who was on the show for a few minutes as well. she has group of medical
students I think 7 of them and she has asked me if i would come and teach them
essential oil classes!! I of course said Yes! And then of course asked Dr. Hill
to support me in this. He is the one with the “DR.” before his name. I will be
in touch with her soon. I was able to share with her how I personally did my
entire post surgery without any pain meds and using only Gary’s pain formula
and she was amazed!! Well, that is it in a nutshell. I am off back to giving
all my bodywork sessions now and then home to Oregon to rest for 2 days!! :)

Many Blessings to us all
With Love,
Julie Chertow

P.S. We also got a few oils in the hands of Michael J. Fox who was also at
the symposium!!

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(Please read all the information on the proper use of essential oils and read all the normal disclaimers associated with information not evaluated by the FDA. All of this detail is part of your experience in The World of Essential Oils

Steve Pohlit, Business Development Consultant who Got Oiled 10 years ago and has been Oiled ever since.

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