Essential Oil Products When Undergoing Treatment For Cancer

A collections of recommendations:

“If anyone was to choose one or the other,
(chemo/radiation) chemo was the better choice because while chemo can be
debilitating during the process, those chemicals can be cleansed out of the
body. I remember reading an article in one of the past issues of the YL
magazine where a distributor was interviewed and she stated that with
radiation, well, meat can’t be uncooked. This had an incredible impact on

“Use lots of Cypress Oil. It builds blood corpuscles, especially the white
cells. Apply it on the skin, breathe it and take capsules of it. It will
accelerate the rebuilding of your immune system after chemo has destroyed
it. The doctors will be amazed at the speed of recovery from chemo when
Cypress Oil is used like this”

“Melaleuca alternifolia is primarily anti-fungal. It is a radiation
protectant. It prevents post-radiation neuritis for those with tons of
radiation. Melrose, which contains Melaleuca, is often used for this. If
using Melrose, saturate the tissue with the oil. Melaleuca alternifolia can
be taken in a capsule orally or in a rectal implant.”

“(After radiation) – Restoring proper flora in bowels. If taking antibiotics
or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation: Take 3 capsules Royaldophilus 3
times daily for one week after finishing with antibiotics or medical
intervention. Then, for Intestinal Flora Maintenance: Take 3 capsules Royaldophilus 3
times weekly.”

“For patients undergoing radiation: Saturate the site ten days prior to
treatment with Melaleuca alternifolia and Melaleuca ericifolia. Take four
double 00 capsules per day, before and during radiation, and for 30 to 60
days following the treatment.”
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