Favorite Essential Oil Formulas for Cold and Flu and Now The Asian Flu

Gary “Oils from the Rooftop of the World!”

Teri asks: Can you share your favorite cold and flu formulas?

Gary: New virus strains; mutations. the asian flu has different characteristics this time and is more resistant. 2 types – attacks throat and head and also bones. Very aggressive and tremendously resistant.

Favorite Cold and Flu Formulas
Start up the spine:
Frankincense – Vitaflex this into brain stem and across base of skull.
Gary uses the glass droppers. Put the oil in the dropper and use auricular method, C1 to T1, in between vertebra heads.
Melissa, or Exodus II on spine and skull with 2-3 drops under tongue as tolerated, every hour
Thieves spray in throat or put lozenger in cheek and let melt.
Immupower on feet
Euclyptus Globulus – massage on back in AM/PM

Blends: Immupower and Frankincense
Exodus Caps – 6/day to rebuild immune system

Exodus Caps and Exodus II oil – 2 most powerful products!
Keep Enzymes up to recover quicker! Essentialzyme & Detoxzyme, Mucus- Juvapower/ICP

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