Negative Response From Others When Using Essential Oils

I am posting this question and I am looking forward to the suggestions since I have experienced this situation myself on numerous occasions. Currently I can only get away with a light drop of a citrus oil like lemon or orange as the owner is very sensitive to any essential oil aroma. This has been a problem for me as I have always used essential oils frequently and in abundance. So here goes:

Bad news today at work! I’ve been using peppermint quite
successfully to hold in tow migraines. It usually works, probably
following the theory that because it’s cooling, it cools down the
swollen blood vessels in head, which can press against bones in
skull and cause migraines. Seems true for me in 75% of the

Anyway, recently moved to different spot at work. Just found out my
coworker has been sitting in her office with door closed all day due
to becoming nauseated from the smell of my peppermint. I’m pretty
upset about this, as not using peppermint at work will
remove a very good alternative to Advil and pharmaceutical meds for

This is too hard to believe! Does anyone have advice?
Going to restroom, taking shoes, socks off, and rugging on brain
points of big toe or someone else? Does that ever work?
ANY suggestions would be helpful as this is bad news for me!

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One thought on “Negative Response From Others When Using Essential Oils”

  1. Hi Steve, how about putting the peppermint on the bottoms of your feet, then putting shoes & socks back on? And if you could do this in the bathroom and let your feet dry for two minutes first, that would be great for others using the facilities. Good luck! Also, put light on your co-worker. you just never know what will happen when you say a prayer from your heart.

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