Essential Oils News: Thieves Oil Cleaner Spray Stops Ants

Testimonial From An Essential Oils Product Advocate (so am I and love these examples as much as anyone)

I just had to share this. Yesterday I was washing dishes when an ant walked across the window sill. (We have had ant problems this year.) I grabbed a bottle on the window sill and started spraying and realized it was Thieves cleaner. Those little buggers curled up and died on the spot! I was amazed and I took the bottle outside to try on some regular sugar ants. Same thing! They curled up and died. This Thieves cleaner (which I made a spray from the finished bottle) is really an all around household necessity. So if you have ant problems in your house, don’t throw the old Thieves cleaner bottles away; use them for spray bottles and you will discover many new uses for an already great product.
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One thought on “Essential Oils News: Thieves Oil Cleaner Spray Stops Ants”

  1. actually ants hate peppermint. So you could actually spend a load less on peppermint essential oil, add around 15 drops/cup water and add some stay in conditioner (it helps the water & oil mix) not a lot, maybe a couple squirts & add water. shake well, spray around the areas the ants go to & voila, you shouldn’t see ants for approx 6 months. The house will smell very pepperminty for awhile, so you might want to spend a few hours in another part of the house until the smell diminishes. This seems to work on all ants save for the sugar ants.

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