Essential Oils Bath Products: Thieves Soap

Theives oil and the Theives line of products continue to be one of the most popular categories offered by Young Living Essential Oils. The reason is the results people are experiencing with them. Personally, Theives oil, Immune Defense and Thieves cleaner (for everything including vegetables) are in the must have category.  In the colder months when colds and flu seem to be more prevalent, Thieves oil and cleaners are a great first line of defense. 

A question was raised in the  forum about Theives bar soap and it’s effectiveness as a facial soap.  Here are the answers: 

“I have two bars of Thieves soap in the bathroom.. One in the shower
and one at the washstand. Use both daily, no other facial cleanser seems needed.
.. I use the Thieves bar soap for everything. It is my morning 
face soap. I think it works great. I think it cleans really well…..
 I use either ART moisturizers or Sandlewood Face Moisturizer after
washing, so dryness has not been a problem at all. I would totally
recomend getting it. …. The Thieves bar lasts a good 3+ months for me.
I love the Thieves bar soap. ”

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