Migraine Solutions, Pain Remedies

A person recently wrote about a friend’s daughter experiencing severe pain that could only be described as migraine. What follows is very interesting insight to the issue of pain and particularly when there is no clear cause. In reading these suggestions think in terms of pain resolution whether migraine or not. Here is what others have offered in response for this lady:
I had a few weeks of horrid out of control migraines recently. They started with a fall that I had that shook my nervious system up, then meds at a dental app. to fill a tooth. and a eye app. where they put in med drops to check for glaucoma etc.

I used M-Graine or Clarity, Ice, Chiro care, upped my water intake to help get what ever was bothering my system out, quietness and darkness. Yes shades even in the house the window shades down. It took 2. 1/2 weeks to get relief. Now when I feel the slightest pain in my head, face, neck I know get M-graine or Clarity on it right away.

Many people feel relief from Three Wise Men and Lavender along the jaw line and sinuses. I think that Ningxia Red is an excellent way to clean the liver which in turn will help clear the sinuses. Peppermint will help to drive the other two oils in and is a great anti-inflammatory.


This might seem like a HUGE oversimplification of a problem, but I’ve had clients experience amazing amounts of relief, so it cannot be discounted. I’d recommend a really good massage therapist. The key is finding someone who is good at neck work/ shoulder work/ upper back work, and possibly someone trained in myofascial release or trigger point work…


There is more and if you search on the categories at this site you will find more information. Key is everybody is different and there is not magic “one protocol is good for all” You must know yourself and evaluate what feel right for you. One of the things I do is just stand in front of my oils and think…OK tell me…which should I use. Yes I know this may seem unusual. That is fine that is exactly what I do and “I Love My Oils”

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2 thoughts on “Migraine Solutions, Pain Remedies”

  1. Hi Steve,
    That was a nice article. I love reading your Law of Attraction articles and Manifest Mastermind, I didn’t realise you also had a knowledge of essential oils. I love essential oils but have a limited knowledge on their therapeutic use.

    I think there are so many natural solutions around to issues such as migraine. I have had great results with EFT.

    All the best,

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