Rose Oil Is One Amazing and Exclusive Product.

Young Living roses have been blooming all summer, and the intoxicating smell has made us feel extra loving and generous towards our distributors. So we’re having not one, not two, but three major promotions this August. They’re BIG, they’re BOLD, and they’re waiting for YOU!

Don’t miss this exciting chance to make August your most rewarding month yet!

Earn a FREE Rose Oil!
Rose Oil Promo

Because of the many thousands of delicate petals it takes to extract the powerful essential oil, Rose Oil is one of Young Living’s most exclusive products. The alluring smell and aphrodisiac-like properties of rose essential oil will awaken your senses and inspire a feeling of true luxury.

Aromatherapy experts agree that rose oil helps bring balance and harmony to the body, stimulates the mind, and helps many to overcome insecurities. Add rose to your lotion base, your bath, or simply diffuse and enjoy its magnificent aroma.

From August 1 to August 31, when you place an order of 350 PV or more, you’ll receive a FREE 5ml bottle of rose oil. That’s a $179.75 value!

Build OGV With Your Newly Enrolled Distributors!
10% off Inner Child!
Inner Child Promo

Inner Child opens the pathway to connecting with the inner self that may have been damaged through childhood misuse or abuse. The sweet fragrance of this blend may stimulate memory response and help reconnect with the authentic self, which is one of the first steps toward finding emotional balance. Caution: Possible sun/skin sensitivity.

10% off from August 1 to August 31, 2009.

Wholesale: $17.78      Preferred Cust: $20.58      Retail: $23.39
PV: 17.75

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