Essential Oils Helping With Sinus Infection

A person who suffered chronic sinus issues for years reported  using the Young Living Essential Oil  Eucalyptus Blue. To start  one drop in either plain warm  water or a mild saline rinse and as a daily rinse.  After a week, this person was reporting great progress.

Another person reports using the Young Living Essential Oils of Purification and lavender directly on the sinuses several times a day
and avoiding all dairy and wheat as they thicken mucus and causes the body to make more.

Young Living Essential Oils are powerful so the advice always is to use very little. The essential oils  manual suggests a number of oils for sinus infection. The above are actual testimonials and with the cooler weather of fall and winter hitting North America, I hope this is helpful.

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(Please read all the information on the proper use of essential oils and read all the normal disclaimers associated with information not evaluated by the FDA. All of this detail is part of your experience in The World of Essential Oils

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6 thoughts on “Essential Oils Helping With Sinus Infection”

  1. I found some stuff that kills fungus and bacteria that you really ought to try. The antibiotics don’t kill the fungus and you need to kill both. This stuff does. You just spray it in your nose and WOW, it got rid of my nasty sinus infection in about a week. I had tried antibiotics that were specifically prescribed for my sinusitis and I also tried a neti pot (yuk) but just couldn’t get this sinus infection to quit. So I did a search and found this stuff (Sinus Relief) from Nature’s Rite. The only problem is that you have to spray it every 30 minutes. I thought, hey, what the heck, it’s worth a try and every 30 minutes isn’t too bad. I was really surprised how well it worked so I bought their sinus support too. It’s been a good moisturizer with calendula and aloe. It’s herbal ya know. I like herbal stuff. So anyway, you should try this for your sinusitis. It won’t make you have a yeast infection after-words like some antibiotics do.

  2. I agree with the solution of using essential oils. We’ve been using doTERRA’s Breathe blend and it’s the best smelling oil I’ve ever used for sinus improvement.

  3. Hi Admin,
    Make oils work for you by using them in ways you enjoy. Explore how oils make you feel, how they affect you. You might be pleasantly surprised.
    I was wondering to know more about information like this post. Thats interesting.
    Amra Ayur Skincare

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