Young Living Account Termination

terminatedTo my readers: I have been with this company since 1997 and have been a major advocate of Gary Young and the products of this company. I am not an active business builder. I share some personal experiences as well as the reports from others. There is a lot of information to share but because of time I have not posted anything since August of 2013. My posts on this site started in 2006. For some unknown reason all of a sudden my material is in violation of some FDA rules and regulations. I suggested to Young Living to stand up against this governmental dictating bureaucracy. They will not as the income is too important than the principle. I had not intention of leaving. I love the products. The good news is I have become aware of some credible competitors where I can buy what I like at lower prices.

I am sorry Young Living is so weak and I am thinking Gary Young who is a fighter is not aware of this.

Steve Pohlit
Former Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils


Dear Stephen,

In an effort to protect the Young Living business, Young Living has reached out to you on 12/2/2014 and 12/30/2014 concerning websites and social media owned and/or controlled by you that are out of compliance with Young Living’s Policies and Procedures (“P & P”) and federal regulations. Both notifications informed you that the following URL: Young Living product claims that are (1) not supported by competent and reliable science, and/or (2) intended to diagnose, mitigate, cure, prevent or treat diseases.

On 12/30/2014 your member account was placed on hold for a period of five (5) days to allow you to bring your Website into compliance. Young Living has recently conducted a follow up audit of your Website and found that the Website listed herein continue to remain out of alignment with the P & P. Based upon Young Living’s last audit of your Website(s) you continue to make product claims in violation of the P & P. The product claims on your Website(s) has the potential to put the Young Living business at risk with federal regulatory authorities.

Based upon your noncompliance your account shall be considered terminated upon the date of this letter, at which time you must immediately remove all Young Living products, trademarks, copyright images, etc. from your Website(s). Under Section 14.5 of the P & P, you release all rights to your member benefits, including the downline and all future commissions and bonuses resulting from the downline sales production.

Please be reminded that the following provisions of the P & P survive this Notice of Termination: 5.3.5 (Indemnification for Unlawful Advertising Statements); 12.2 (Return of Downline Genealogy Reports); and 13.2.2 (Arbitration).
If you have further questions or concerns regarding this notice, please contact the conduct department at

Jordan Staub
Conduct Educator

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