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Essential Oil Products for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

“For Irrritable Bowel Syndrome finding your trigger foods is important. For me it was Fast food, process foods, MSG, carbonated drinks. Diguse will help you will cramps and spasms. Alkalime helps with settling acid, bloating,etc. Polyzyme or essentialzyme will help you with your over all digestion. NXR will help with detoxing and getting rid of things that are in your body and give you energy etc. We are all different so we have to find what works best for ourselves. I use detoxzyme, sulfurzyme and alkalime and NXR.”

“My daughter has the same. I’ve given her the Digest and Cleanse prior to meals and it worked, or when in the middle of an attack. Stress is definitely a big factor in it and has proven to be true with my daughter.”

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