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Essential Oils for Cartilage Repairs

“The oils help with the pain that is for sure. The product BLM is for
cartilage repairs. It works, I’m now working with the experience. It takes
about 1 month before you feel the major changes. It also helps if you take
VitaGreen to help balance your pH and help your body absorb more completely.
There is also a formula in the PDR that my also help with the pain. It has
been 6 weeks for me and I now can go down stairs and have a lot less pain
and swelling. It is also important to elevate the leg when sitting. Hope
this helps, Nicole

I made up two different versions of a mixture of Cypress, Lemongrass and
Wintergreen in equal parts for use on my knee to rebuild cartilage using one
milliliter of each of these three oils added to one ounce of carrier oil
(V-6 or extra virgin olive oil). I’ve used this morning and evening for the
last four months and have seen damaged knees begin to heal, while the pain
diminishes or disappears. I also take BLM, of course, when I can afford it
and that has helped dramatically with pain relief and increased function.
Without the BLM, things take a little longer. Catrìona

Sounds like the Raindrop, PanAway, Helichrysum, etc should really help.
Here is a protocol for knee cartilage injury: 8 Clove, 12 Ginger, 10 Nutmeg
with 2 ounces V-6. Massage three times a day. Apply ice for swelling and
inflammation (Clove and Helichrysum should help with that too). Wrap knee
and elevate when sitting. Use the ice method three times a day and
alternate with a hot compress and the oils. Other things that could help
are Ortho Ease, Ortho Sport, and Regenolone Cream. If I were you, I’d mix
the above oils in the Ortho Sport Massage Oil instead of the V-6. I had to
have a different type of surgery on my knee a few years ago and I put oils
into the Regenolone cream (or NeuroGen), which makes it very easy to apply
each day. My favorite now is PanAway. I would try this protocol for a
while and see if that helps. You can still use the others, of course.
Healing Waggs”

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