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Report of Eyesight Improvement Using Ningxia Red from Young Living Essential Oils

“1 have often has people ask me what drinking 3 to 4 oz a day of Ningxia
Red has done for me, and that was a difficult thing for me to answer –
being a high energy person with no cholesterol problems or major health
issues or concerns. I am taking it for the easily assimilated vitamins
and nutrients, to stay healthy and to do something wonderful for myself
in the long run.

I have friends who have had wonderful results from
taking Ningxia Red, proven in blood tests, but personally I had no
proof … until this week! I went in for my eye test. The doctor
checked one eye and said “Hmmm, a full 25% improvment in this eye”. He
checked the other eye and found a full 25% improvement in that eye too.
He said that was wonderful and I told him that I am taking Ningxia Red,
and one of the possible benefits was increased visual acquity. He said
he had heard of that before. Then he told me he was going to test for
cataracts and glaucoma, and said this test could also show if I had a
brain tumor or several other diseases. After examining my eyes he
asked “did you just move to Arizona?” I told him I have lived here over
20 years and he said “Really?!”. Then he asked if I wore sumglasses all
the time and I told him I never wear sunglasses, and he said “Really?!!”
He told me I had some of the healthiest eyes he had ever seen. He
explained that people in Arizona tend to get cataracts in their 60’s in
Arizona, but back east now until their 80’s, that’s why he thought I
had just moved here. He said whatever I am doing, to keep on doing it.”

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