Essential Oils

This essential oils blog and the web site Get Oiled provide continually developing information about the health benefits of essential oils. Personally, I have used Young Living Essential Oils for more than 10 years.

Today I still travel frequently for business. You will find several oils with me at all times. I used to carry more until carry on regulations were changed. Recently I decided to begin becoming more active in providing information on essential oils and Young Living Essential Oils. The reason is as I have studied alternative supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbs and more I realize nothing I have found compares to the properties of therapeutic grade essential oils.

You are invited to spend as much time at this blog and website as you wish. If you decide after you try some of these oils I recommend paying the small entry fee for becoming a distributor so you can order these essential oils for yourself at the lowest price.

Go On – Get Oiled

Steve Pohlit, Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils

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