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Essential Oil Notes .. Focus On Frankincense, Menopause, Mental Clarity

2010 Young Living Convention Notes – Day 1 (Thank you Alan Zerr)

Frankincense, Myrrh and Balsam (gold) were the 1st 3 oils dating back 10,000

Palo santo (Bursera graveolens, a tree species native to South America (it
occurs in the Gran Chaco and it is found also in the Galapagos Islands and
coastal Ecuador as well) forms tear drops of resin on the bark similar to
Frankincense and has similar properties and similar effect.

Copal is very similar to Frankincense and Copal (derived from the Nahuatl
language word copalli, meaning “incense”) and is found in Mexico and Central

Boswellia sacra from Oman is Gary’s favorite therapeutic Frankincense since
he first began using it in 1996. Boswellia carterii is also very
therapeutic. Boswellia frereana is very fragrant and is usually used for
burning and fragrances and has little or no therapeutic value.

Frankincense distilleries are located in Spain (George Fernando), Nairobi,
Kenya (Sadqa Haq) and recently a distilling operation was established in
Oman. The first cut of the Frankincense tree produces the white resin called
“hojari” and was until recently reserved for the royal families of the
Middle East.

Frankincense, Myrrh and Balsam are known to have DNA repair properties. They
also have cancer prevention properties because of the presence of
alpha-pinenes, boswellic acid, and Incensol which is considered very
powerful for helping those with chronic degenerative diseases.

Only Young Living produces essential oils from both Boswellia carterii and
Boswellia sacra (Sacred Frankincense). They have recently established an
office and distillery in Oman on the Arabian peninsula.

Did you know that cancer, arthritis and periodontal disease are relatively
unknown in Oman and Yemen because the population has access to luban
(frankincense) which is chewed like gum or soaked in water overnight and
drank upon arising. Frankincense resin has a high percentage of
polysaccharides, boswellic acid and incensol which are both curatives and
preventives in the human body.

HPGC – High Precision Gas Cromatograph
The longer the column the higher the resolution. YL now has a lab on the
farm in Ecuador equipped with a Gas Cromatograph calibrated by Dr. Herve
Casabianca from France, the leading botanical chemist in the world.

DNA Repair and Regeneration
DNA repair – Frankincense, Hyssop and Idaho Balsam Fir.
Regeneration of Disc, Cartilage and Bone – Frankincense.
In 2009 Gary had osteophites (spurs) growing from his previously injured
(logging accident) disks. The osteophites were pushing on his spinal cord
producing intense pain. The doctors told him he would be in a wheelchair
within 6 months and recommended surgery. Gary was given a solution after
waking up at 2am on morning. He mixed Frankincense with his own blood serum
(after separation from the red blood cells) and did 17 injections into his
spine and neck. He healed himself in 5 weeks and was able to travel to the
YL convention in Japan. He has been pain free since.

Boswellic acid which is found in Frankincense resin and oil has shown much
promise in the treatment Rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia and bladder cancer.
It was also effective in reducing serum cholesterol and had strong
anti-inflammatory properties.

New Products
Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) exclusively from Oman is now available
in 5ml bottles (100 drops) for $50.00.

Frankincense Burner – burning frankincense stimulates immune system and
emotions. Ancients draped clothes over the burner (placed under a 1 meter
tripod) to purify and deodorize the garments. During the day the bed sheets
would be draped over the burners to purify. The burner comes with a sack of
frankincense resin for $29.95.

Common Sense (new blend) – main ingredient is Frankincense for it’s
grounding properties.

The One Gift – documentary and book by Gary Young – $29.95. The book is an
excellent fictional account of the caravans traveling the Frankincense
Trail. It has many excellent inspirational passages, many very good life
lessons and of course numerous holistic remedies for a wide variety of
maladies. The documentary may be available on DVD in the near future. All
proceeds from the sale of The One Gift go to the D. Gary Young Foundation
and will be used to build schools and hospitals in various locations around
the world.

The Gift (5 ml. blend) – a blend of Cistus, Spikenard and Frankincense.

Progessence Plus – dissolves progesterone (from wild yam) directly into
Frankincense (Boswellia sacra). The product is 95% essential oil.

Transdermal Therapy – Marc Schreuder – 1:30pm
How many things really work? Myth of magic?
Skin permeability is a constant; water at 25C will penetrate the skin at the
rate of 0.2 mg/cm/hr. Phenols will penetrate at the rate 22 times higher and
salicylic acid (such as wintergreen) 114 times higher.

PubMed says:
much candida (yeast) overgrowth and periodontal disease is caused by
hormonal drugs taken orally.
Transdermal therapy eliminates fluctuating hormone levels.
Transdermal drugs need promoters such as phenol and salicylic acid.
Menthol and limonene enhance skin penetration.
Alpha-pinene, cineole, terpenes and limonene double and quadruple skin
Linalool from Rosewood leaves (leaves are harvested rather than cutting down
the whole tree in Brazil) is important to the delivery of progesterone.

Alpha-pinene enhances the skin penetration of estrogen by four to ten times.

Dr. Dan Purser
Progressence Plus features “super micronized” progesterone dissolved into
Sacred Frankincense essential oil.
Dr. Purser has written 4 books including Real Fibromyalgia RX, Program 120
(for practitioners) and Top 7 Solutions for Womens Health Problems.

Most common cause of low hormones in younger women is pituitary damage which
may be caused by gymnastic and/or cheerleading falls, Motor Vehicle
accidents, surgery, trauma/shock, tumors, drug inhalation (cocaine, meth.)
and intense stress.

Lowered progesterone levels cause: Post menopausal syndrome, migraines, hot
flashes, night sweats, TMJ, insomnia, neuropathies, low libido, hair loss,
increased acne.
5 B’s of Estrogen Dominance
. Backache
. Bleeding
. Bloating
. ??? (can’t write fast enough) ((smile )) {FS}
. Bitchiness

Benefits of Progessence (human P4 made from wild yam)
. Cools arteries
. Prevents 98% of hot flashes, day/night sweats, post menopausal symptoms,
. Improves post-partum depression
. Aids in weight loss
. Re-grow hair
. Mood elevator
. Reduce acne
. Helps 95% of TMJ inflammation
. Reduces risk cancer risk
. Good for insomnia
. Heals nerves
. Decreases endometriosis symptoms
. Improves bone density
. Improves libido
. Makes breasts light and fluffy (his words, not mine) . assuming he means
reduces breast tissue density
. Aids in weight loss
P4 is a natural progesterone identical to human progesterone made from wild
yams. It is an end product and is super micronized.

Synthetic progesterone raises the risk of breast cancer as the ingredient
MPA is a known carcinogen.
Normal progesterone serum levels are > 2.0 ng/ml.
Deficient serum levels are < 1.0 ng/ml.
1 ml. applied on the neck raised progesterone levels by 1900% in 2 hours.
Dosage now is 1/30 ml. = 1drop.

3 ways to apply: on the neck over the carotid arteries; any time you have
symptoms; on the temples for migraines.
Cycling is not necessary; there is no medical reason to cycle progesterone.
Progesterone is also safe for young girls 12 to 14 years and up.
Men will suffer lower libido if taking progesterone.
Progesterone – Ultimate Women’s Feel Good Hormone – Dr. Dan Purser’s latest
Also wrote “Male B” book.

Website: www.DanPurserMD.com

Paul Sheele – Learning Strategies


Sacred Frankincense and Memory Enhancement – A Brainwave Study
We retain 11% of what we learn and within 3 days 40% of that will be
Genius Learning:
. Note to self
. Listen actively – notice what your hands are doing while listening
. Maintain Brain/Body Balance – take a bounce break (simple exercise of
bouncing and exercising the wrists)
. Your Ideal State – why are you here?

Sacred Frankincense Study
A short term study of the effects of Sacred Frankincense before, during and
after 30 days of use involving 12 subjects:
. Learning blockages improved in 67%
. Reading difficulties improved in 63%
. Memory problems improved in 80%
. Motivation issues improved in 33%
Asked if “uses of Sacred Frankincense lead to significant changes in your
life?”, 80% said “yes”.

Subjects said:
. Before use brain felt full
. After 1st use felt alive
. At end of study – easier to remember.
Sacred Frankincense can heal trauma, induce inner calm, reduce inner noise,
ensure brain’s gifts and talents are more available.
2% of brain activity is neuron firing; 98% is neuro-peptide release.

Outcome Focus:
. What is your perfect future?
. Where are you now on a scale of 1 to 10?
. What small step could you take now to move 1 step up the scale?


Young Living Essential Oils are powerful so the advice always is to use very little.

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