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Rose Oil is Complely Intoxicating

I noticed this post from a person in the essential oils group I belong and felt it important to share. Rose oil distilled by Young Living Essential Oils is fairly rare and some use the word expensive. Julie says her method of using this remarkable oil has it lasting about a year. Why pay attention? Rose oil has the highest frequencies of all oils. We are all energy. Learn about frequencies.

Young Living has an amazing offer for the month of August 2009, where you can receive a bottle of rose oil free with an order of $350 or more.

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I wanted to share my most favorite way to use the rose oil which i have shared with many people in my group and have done so myself for years.

Warning Completely intoxicating!!!!

I use an empty Ningxia Red juice glass bottle. (Comment: what is important about this is the size of the bottle and that it is glass. The size is 32oz.) I add 2 drops of Rose oil and fill it up with good clean water and swish it around and sip it slowly.

I personally experience that it moves me quickly and easily into this state of self love and this sweet opened hearted place that is obvious, tangible and lasts! Before I run out of it, I fill it up again with water. I can usually fill it up 5 or 6 times before it runs out and it will still be potent and effective. I hardly ever use it topically and this also makes my rose oils last and last for a very long time! DELICIOUS!!!!

Try it, its the best of the best! Great to drink for both people on a romantic evening, great to drink during a meditation retreat, great to drink ifyou need to have a challenging dialogue and just plain great to drink.

In Joy


Thank you Julie

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