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Turn Worries About You Job and Money Into A New Beginning

(Awhile ago I found this post on line and I don’t have the full name of the author. I have included all the information I have.)

For  all who have lost and might lose jobs there is an opportunity to view the situation not as the end but the reason for a NEW Beginning.

When you read the story  of successful people, you will find so many times that they had been laid off 
or were in other dire straits and in retrospect realized that their dilemma  was the best thing that could have happened to them.

Look at your situation  with that thought and begin to focus on things that can get better if you lose 
that job. Think of ideas that might create a new job for you. Do you have  some things you truly love? – think how you can turn that into a career or a  product. While you are still employed, take some classes to get better for your  next job. When you focus on how to improve, you don’t have time to  worry about losing that job.

If you hear there are reductions planned, decide not to worry. Worry makes absolutely no difference to the end result.  So, if you do not lose your job, you worried needlessly. If you do lose your  job, your worry didn’t help any – it just added another month or more to your  fear of losing your job. I suggest you relax. 

Now, I read recently suggestions as to how to make yourself less likely to  be on the layoff list. Those included things like working a bit harder,  adding some new skills to your current skills, make your bosses notice your  diligence and recognizing that you have the company’s best interest in mind rather 
than your own, only.

You can increase you focus on the Young Living business. Start talking to  more people, share with them, figure ways of introducing others to the oils etc  and what they can do for you. Maybe create a team and work together to  achieve the YL business plan as outlined on the website.

As to oils –  Abundance along with visualizing, if filled  with fear – use Valor, Hope, Gratitude, Highest Potential (singles) Bergamot,  Ylang Ylang, cypress, spruce, orange. Filled with Anxiety? Valor, Harmony, 
Joy, Orange, lavender. 

My top choices for your situation would be the Abundance and Valor. 


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